Our Self Storage Container Terms and Conditions

Container storage terms and conditions

You are the only licensed person to hire the container for storage use only of goods which are NOT perishable, living creatures, combustible or flammable (i.e fuels/gas etc.), weapons, ammunition, chemicals or any other illegal substances or potentially dangerous materials.

You can have access to the container between the hours of 0800 - 18.00hrs 7 days per week.

PADLOCKS - We provide the padlock with a number - we will not be responsible for locking any unlocked unit/container.

Please ensure that the container is suitable for the goods that you intend to store in it.

INSURANCE - Prior to bringing the goods to our site you will insure them against all normal perils under a valid contract of insurance with a reputable insurance company for their full replacement value.

We will enter the container if necessary - if we are required to by emergency services or we believe the contents are not binding with the agreement.

You will cause no nuisance or damage to our property or that of any other hirers on the site.

All hire fees are paid monthly in advance by Paypal or Standing order.  Invoices are available on request. 

NOTICE - We require 1 months notice to end storage hire. A deposit of £50.00 is taken with your 1st payment which will be refunded once you have vacated the unit/container, the container/unit must be in the same condition as it was previous to your hire and the correct notice must be given.

We have lien over the Goods in the container for your debt until payment of debt is received by us in full.  If we do not receive the payment debt we will sell the goods as contribution to rent due.

Containers from £30.00 per week (20ft L x 8ft W x 8ft H). Accessible 08.00 – 18.00 7 days a Week
Pay by Standing Order.

Tel: 0845 250 0598

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