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'At a glance' Storage Plans from Peldon Storage

Container storage - Standard Container (Monthly Plan)

This is the standard charge for a container (£30.00 per week = £130.00 per calendar month). Discounts for 3 months in advance (2.5%), 6 months in advance (5%), and 12 months in advance (10%)

Warehouse unit 8' x 8' x 6.6' Secure Wooden Crate (£19.20 per week)

This is the standard charge for a weekly rental for 8' x 8' x 6.6' storage.

You are free to cancel your agreement via your profile within the website at any given time giving a months notice via email.

Containers from £30.00 per week (20ft L x 8ft W x 8ft H). Accessible 08.00 – 18.00 7 days a Week
Pay by Standing Order.

Tel: 0845 250 0598

Larger or smaller storage?
Email to discuss your needs.
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